Yokai Parade


Yokai Parade, 2015, Hillman City Collaboratory

Socially engaged art by Hanako O'Leary

Photography by Elena Chernock

Yokai Parade

This work happened as a two part series.  In the first rendition, Yokai Parade: Come Draw With Me, I created an installation out of old fashioned overhead projectors.  After lining the gallery walls with rectangular strips of blank white paper, I projected onto these strips my illustrations of yokai, traditional Japanese demons and ghosts.  Viewers were invited to participate by tracing over these images, interacting with the art however they please, drawing what they see, adding to it, or finding some other form of creative expression.

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Yokai Parade Part II

In the second installment of this piece, participants were invited to gather together and cut apart the completed drawings into smaller compositions.  We then took these cutouts and a wheat pasted two entirely new compositions.  These murals were then installed in the community pea patch next door to the gallery where they were created.